12th November 2016

Avoid late payment fines for the Dartford Crossing

The Dartford Crossing, introduced the automatic Dart Charge system in November 2014.

The system works using ANPR cameras and, if you do not already pay your crossing fee by midnight the next day they issue you with a fine of £35, increasing to £105 if it is not paid within the set time limits.

You do have until midnight, the day after your crossing to make a payment, to avoid the fine, but as a busy HGV driver or a haulage company overseeing several vehicles, it can be hard to keep track of making the payments in a timely fashion.

The AA have reported that the introduction of the Dart Charge has reduced the crossing time by at least 6 minutes, which is great news for drivers, but factoring in the administration involved to pay the charge, or worse, the fine; it seems that it is neither time or money saving for most.

Two years on, are you still incurring unnecessary fines from the Dartford Crossing?

The simple solution lies with SNAP account. As our registered customers travel across the Dartford Crossing, SNAP are automatically charged, guaranteeing our customers can never receive a fine for a late payment.

Once you are registered with SNAP, there is no need to ensure the charge is paid by midnight the next day, as we will have done this for you, rather you will receive an itemised invoice at the end of the week, for any of your vehicles that have used the crossing.

  • No need to keep track of who has passed through the Dartford Crossing
  • No need to pre pay
  • No more fines for your business
  • One simple itemised bill

All you have to do to get started is register each of your vehicles, free of charge with SNAP.

In addition to a stress-free approach to the Dartford crossing, once registered, you also have the advantage of being able to use our SNAP truckstops and washes.

We are confident that once you give SNAP a try, you won’t turn back.

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