20th January 2017

The Road Ahead for the Haulage Industry

What is in store for the haulage industry in 2017? We have taken a look into some things you could expect to see this year.

Following the recent terror attacks in Nice and Berlin, where an HGV was used, Government officials are said to be looking into the development and deployment of a wide ranging ’kill-switch’ for HGVs. Known as ’Project Restore’ (standing for Remote Stopping of Road Engines), they are looking into methods by which they can remotely interfere with the electronics of lorries to disable their engines in the event of a hijacking. Given that in 2015 there were an estimated 483,000 HGVs on UK roads, fitting these devices is sure to be a monumental undertaking, likely taking years. If you think that would be a difficult task, the boss of Scotland Yard said that he would like to be able to remotely switch of all vehicles, even mopeds. While the end goal is obviously ensuring public safety, it seems as though the means by which they hope to achieve this are a little ambitious.

Renault, however, have set their sights on something achievable and their new T, C and K ranges of trucks will be fitted with an anti-rollaway device. This new system automatically applies the park break if the driver’s door is open, while the vehicle is moving at 3km/h or less. The device has been in development for a while and suffered delays while sufficient safeguards were built in to prevent the device activating at higher speeds.

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