7 June 2018

Secure Your Site With SNAP

As some of you may have heard, in March of this year, thieves managed to steal over 1.5 million powerful prescription painkillers from an HGV that was parked at a service station. The tablets in question, Tramadol, is a potentially addictive and even fatal painkiller that was responsible for 184 deaths in 2016 alone. The theft of such an enormous amount of a dangerous substance poses an immediate threat to public health, in addition to the shortfall caused that the pills never made it to their intended destinations within the NHS.

The crime took place at the Hartshead service station on the M62 in West Yorkshire and just goes to show the importance of security when HGVs are required to park. When transporting such a valuable and potentially dangerous load, ensuring the safety of the vehicle and the driver should be a top priority. Unfortunately, the theft occurred overnight and the police are asking for witnesses to come forwards.

Our new Access and Security Division was created last year, as a response to increased concerns about site security. Having spoken to and worked with countless drivers and site operators, we know just how important it is for a parking site to be a safe haven for vehicles and their drivers. We can provide sites with a wide range of products and systems that will ensure the security of their site. We can supply and install automated barriers and gates to secure the entrances and exits of a site, along with advanced ANPR cameras. These cameras take timestamped pictures of each vehicle registration upon entry and a whitelist of approved registrations can be entered into the system, this means that only approved vehicles will be given access. These barriers can be seamlessly integrated with the payment system, preventing unpaid vehicles from leaving the site. Under vehicle scanners can also be installed at the entrance to check for persons or foreign objects concealed beneath the vehicle before granting access.

In addition to this, we offer perimeter fencing of varying heights and grades to prevent unwanted trespassing. This can be used alongside advanced CCTV and thermal imaging cameras to maintain a watchful eye over the entire site. The CCTV system can be monitored on a PC or smartphone, providing 360 degree coverage, the images are stored for 30 days which allows them to be used by law enforcement should it be necessary.

There are clear benefits of investing in site security, both for the site itself and their customers. It provides a fantastic USP that will attract any and all drivers that value safety and security, as an increasing number do. Reports of theft or criminal activity will reflect poorly on the site in question and will act as a deterrent to potential customers, as negative opinions spread so easily by word of mouth throughout the haulage community.

For more information about the range of security features and systems that SNAP Account can provide, either visit our website - https://snapaccessandsecurity.com/ or give us a call on (+44) 01603 777242

SNAP Access and Security
SNAP Access and Security

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