17 April 2019

Join SNAP`s Depot Parking Network to Make Money & Help Solve the Parking Crisis

SNAP recognised the need for secure parking and developed the Depot Parking solution over six years ago, to host drivers in safe environments. We realised the answer was to utilise unused company depot yards, rather than spending money on building new purpose-built Truck Parks. SNAP are exclusively working with 32 sites throughout the UK and we are keen to expand the existing network to provide secure parking spaces.

The rise of cargo crime has meant that these sites have grown in importance. Last month, Andrew Goodwin from Certas Energy, highlighted that more needs to be done. The UK is facing a HGV parking crisis and 1,411 additional parking spaces are needed each night to accommodate current demand.

Due to the growing need for safe parking facilities, SNAP are determined to solve the crisis by continuing to work with logistics companies and fleet yards throughout the UK and across Europe to provide secure Depot Parking locations.

The number of Depot Parking Sites that SNAP are working with increased significantly during 2018, because of the growing trust that these businesses have in the SNAP brand. A series of promising conversations continue to be held with hundreds of sites in the UK and Europe, to further develop and expand the Depot Parking network.

We recently began an exciting working relationship with Royal Mail, who have opened up one of their locations for safe HGV parking. Their site in Atherstone houses up to 31 drivers. Royal Mail recognised the need for added truck parking and have been able to utilise the empty spaces in one of their active locations to generate supplementary revenue for their business.

In addition to the partnership we have formed with Royal Mail, SNAP are already working with DSV, Bartrums, RD Williams, Pollocks and Kersey Freight to name a few, to increase the number of parking spaces available to UK and European hauliers.

Last year alone, SNAP Account helped to open an extra 220,000 secure spaces, to house the hauliers need, but more locations are required. If you have room at your site, or vacant spaces whilst your drivers are on the road, why not earn money by hosting SNAP Account drivers?

How Does it Work?

Setting up a Depot Parking Site is an easy process and you do not need to be a Truck Park to qualify. Depot Parking locations are pre-bookable by SNAP Account drivers only, whilst logistics managers at SNAP-exclusive locations can control who and how many enters their site via access to a secure online portal that shows drivers details and vehicle licencing plates.

Even if you think you only have enough room to house hauliers when your own drivers are out on the road, Depot Parking is the ideal solution. The number of spaces you offer is dynamic, so if you wish to reduce or increase the amount of parking spots available, it can be amended at the click of a button. This updates the SNAP system immediately across all our platforms including the intruck app, the online portal and our customer service team.

How Do You Open a Depot Parking Site?

By opening your logistics centre or fleet yard to SNAP Account drivers, we can fill your unused spaces and top-up your profits, plus you won't pay a penny for offering the service. We will even complete the paperwork and market your site to our customers free of charge, whilst our customer service team will be on hand to deal with any necessary assistance. There's really nothing to lose!

We are very interested to speak with any logistics companies who would like to to become a Depot Parking location. For more information give SNAP Account a call on +44 (0)1603 777242 or email sites@snapaccount.co.uk. Alternatively, to register your Depot Parking Site, head to snapacc.com/register-site/.

Josh Cousens | SNAP Account.

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