23 April 2019

A Truck Driver`s Guide to Summer in Europe

European truck drivers have successfully conquered the curve balls of winter and are looking forward to brighter evenings, open windows and tan lines. The hat and gloves, along with the ice and snow have been stowed away for another year, but summer has its own challenges to overcome on the road.

Forward thinking and planning ahead will save you from any hiccups and SNAP have compiled a series of handy tips to make your driving life easier this summer.

1. Hydration Station

Number one on the list is to stay hydrated. It’s easy to forget to drink water on the job, but summer is the worst time for overlooking this. SNAP recommends that truck drivers should carry one or two bottles of water and to frequently sip away to fight off heatstroke dangers. If you have the facilities, keep a bottle in the fridge and enjoy ice cool refreshment to keep you chilled.

Hydration Station

2. Vehicle Maintenance

The warmer temperatures have the power to jeopardise the safety of your HGV, but noticing issues in their earlier stages will help to keep you secure. Watch out for tyre blowouts, brake faults and overheated engines, which tend to be the most common mechanical issues associated with the sunshine. So stay vigilant to avoid any trouble. For a peace of mind, why not use the go-to app for HGV drivers, intruck and its Daily Checks feature.

Vehicle Maintenance

3. Factor 50

If you are a driver who is in and out of your vehicle throughout the day, your skin could be exposed to powerful UV rays. Even if you like to hang your arm out the window, sunburn is a genuine possibility. Using sunscreen reduces the risks and saves you from jokes about ‘truckers arm.’ By utilising skin protection, truck drivers are minimising their threat of skin cancer and protecting their health on the road.

Factor 50

4. Summer Traffic

Truck drivers in the UK and Europe will often find that the roads are a lot busier during sunnier months. People are taking time off from work, families are on their holidays and roadworks are well underway. Crowded traffic volume presents its own set of problems and drivers will need to be alert of delays, detours and distances.

Summer Traffic

5. Eyes on the Prize

Sunshine and glare come hand in hand and by wearing a suitable pair of reflective sunglasses, truck drivers are protecting their eyes from UV rays, relieving stress and focusing their gaze on the road. The most dangerous glare conditions are reflections from the road surface, the bonnet, windscreen or dashboard. By wearing a decent pair of shades, not only will you be looking cool, you will be able to spot any hazards that are obscured and keep safe on the road.

Eyes on the Prize

Do you have any other recommendations about how to make the most of your time on the road this summer?

Josh Cousens | SNAP Account.

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