2nd May 2019

5 Top Tips to Make Your Truck Cab More Like a Home

Drivers often spend days, weeks or sometimes months away from their residencies and a truck cab becomes their home away from home. Drivers are not just working and driving in their trucks, they are eating, relaxing and sleeping there too, so it's important for the space to be comfortable, clean and cool. By investing in a few, inexpensive key items, you can transform your cab into a home.

After reading SNAP's five top tips, you'll be excited to spend your next night in the truck cab.

1. Sweet Dreams

Drivers are behind the wheel for hours on end each day and a good night's kip is vital to their performance. If their sleeping accommodation is not up to scratch, they could be jeopardising their own safety and the security of the cargo they are carrying. Instead of counting sheep, sleeping aids such as blackout curtains, ear plugs and eye masks all help to minimise distractions and improve sleeping productivity.

2. Cook up a Storm

Service stations, cafes and lay-by burger vans all serve tasty treats, but they don't always offer gourmet selections or the healthiest options. Plus, the price of buying three meals a day soon adds up. Why not kit out your truck cab with a microwave, a kettle or even a slow cooker? These can all be purchased with 12v sockets and provide drivers with a healthier and cheaper way of eating on the road.

3. Box-Set Binge

Spending time away from home can be a lonely experience, especially if you don't have anything to take your mind off the job during your downtime. Watching TV and getting stuck into a Netflix series could be the perfect way to switch off and relax, but if you're not a massive tele watcher, how about a games console or listening to music? Truck stops aren't always renowned for their WIFI, so a hotspot device could be a good idea, so you can keep in touch with your loved ones at home.

4. Creature Comforts

As we have already explained, drivers are likely to spend the vast majority of their time in their trucks, in one way or another. Take the time to make your truck cab as comfortable as possible. If that means acquiring a mattress topper, support cushions for your seat, air fresheners or extra blankets, go out and get them. The more comfortable you are, the more comfortable driving life will be.

5. Stamp Your Mark

Give your truck and the cab a bit of your personality. We're not talking about a full-on DIY SOS, but by introducing a bit of colour and some pictures of family or friends, you'll feel closer to home.

How do you make your own truck feel more like a home when you're working away?

To find out about more products that could benefit you and your truck cab, check out the SNAP Shop.

Josh Cousens | SNAP Account.

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