9th May 2019

Driver Retention - How and Why

Fleet operators dream of consistently dependable drivers who will literally go the extra mile to help the fleet. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and with a shrinking pool of drivers available, having an efficient driver retention strategy is becoming increasingly important for fleet operators throughout the UK and Europe.

On top of the heavy workload of fleet management, retaining reliable drivers can be especially difficult, as they seek better hours, higher wages and brighter horizons elsewhere. With massive turnover rates and expensive fees to hire new drivers, it is becoming vital to keep your drivers happy whilst on the road.

SNAP have devised a plan to keep your driver retention rates high and the weight of finding new staff low. Here are three strategies to improve the welfare of your drivers and keep them behind the wheel of your fleet.

1. Open Door Policy

Effective communication is pivotal for happy drivers. Ask for feedback and listen to their wishes. The drivers have voices that want to be heard. By implementing drivers' ideas into your business, they will feel important and appreciated. Suggestions from drivers have the power to benefit your fleet by offering a different perspective to management. Hold monthly meetings or utilise a communications portal so that drivers can voice their opinions.

By closing the hierarchical gap between management, drivers are more likely to feel integrated within the business. Regular interaction from management is key to bridging the divide and establishing an upbeat workforce. A message of congratulations on work anniversaries or birthdays could be a great starting place to maintain driver retention.

2. Reward Performance

Drivers appreciate recognition for their endeavours. By celebrating performances, it helps to raise morale and keeps focus on meeting targets. Identify the accomplished milestones; miles driven, drops made or years of service. Why not establish a driver of the month award, to generate some healthy competition between drivers?

Offering monetary rewards to your drivers is a great incentive to encourage performance. If the drivers in your fleet have earnt a bonus through their efforts, reward them for it. Financial gain is often a key factor in why drivers start to wonder if the grass is greener.

3. Move with the Times

Using modern technologies will play a part in keeping your workforce satisfied. By introducing advanced facilities, your drivers will be safer on the roads, more informed and be able to travel swifter and less congested routes. To ensure your fleet have fully functioning vehicles, we recommend using the go-to app for HGV drivers, intruck. This app enables your drivers to perform a streamlined daily checks procedure.

Adaptability is a key word for fleet operators. If the business and the drivers are likely to benefit from changes to procedures, make them happen. A number of fleets are unwilling to change the way they operate because that's the way they have always done things, but rolling the dice can prove very beneficial to assist with your driver retention.

Have you thought about using a SNAP Account? Your drivers won't have to wait for reimbursement and hand over cash for any parking or washing services while working on the road. This is another great way of retaining your drivers.

Do you have any other suggestions about the best way to keep your driver retention rates up?

Josh Cousens | SNAP.

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