21 May 2019

Does Your Depot Site Offer Secure Parking

Secure parking locations are increasingly important for the haulage industry in the UK and Europe. TAPA recently projected another record high for cargo crimes in the Europe, Middle East and Africa regions during 2019. For anybody housing a fleet in their own secure parking site, a dependable security infrastructure has become essential for their business.

SNAP Access & Security have been using their expertise to transform the safety of parking sites for almost three years. The business provides and installs a diverse range of products that dramatically improve the security of truck sites. By fitting a range of state of the art ANPR cameras, automated barriers and intelligent payment terminals, SNAP Access & Security can increase, both the safety and the cash flow of your site.

How could SNAP Access & Security help you?

Our skilled engineers will be able to evaluate your existing security systems and recommend the best products to help protect your fleet. We have a range of technologies to enhance your parking depot and the benefits include minimised risk of criminal activity, protected profits, a reduction in the workload of your staff and a resource for any police investigations.

If you open your depot for secure parking to other drivers, the installation of SNAP Access & Security systems will play a key role in making your business more attractive to a wider pool of drivers. This means that the revenue your business is making could be amplified from drivers who are looking to park in a secure setting.

What security products do SNAP Access & Security offer?

Our most popular offering is ANPR technology, which ensures that all vehicles entering and exiting the site are policed and accounted for. An image of each vehicle is captured and time-stamped via the ANPR cameras. This information is then correlated with our payment terminals which can be used in 15 languages. This certifies that the vehicle has paid the right tariff before they can exit the site.

Automated barriers control the flow of traffic entering and exiting the secure parking site. Barriers can work independently or can be coordinated with the ANPR technology to provide a complete access control solution.

We can also offer Access Control systems which give you control of who is able to access particular buildings, areas, rooms and even cupboards at your secure parking site. You are able to give varying levels of access to different individuals, dependent on their role and seniority.

How do I secure my parking site?

These are just a handful of the security systems that we can offer. To find out more about how we can help you and your business, email us on info@snapaccessandsecurity.co.uk or call us on +44 (0)1603 777242.

We recently launched the SNAP Access & Security website to showcase our recent installations and the service we offer. Check it out here

Josh Cousens | SNAP Account.

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