11 June 2019

How Does Your Parking Site Cater for the Haulage Industry

Truck drivers have always been the cogs that keep the haulage wheels turning. Drivers are at the helm for hours each day, spend time away from home and frequently sleep and eat in parking sites throughout the UK and Europe, but the lifestyles and habits of drivers have evolved.

Parking sites and their eateries play a huge role in the lives of many HGV drivers, but drivers don’t all eat the same thing and increasing numbers are seeking healthier eating options. So, how does your parking site cater for the haulage industry?

Overnight parking locations have been stereotypically associated with calorific foods and a number of drivers have complained about a generic lack of nutritious choices. By breaking the mould and offering your site guests wholesome selections, you could increase your reputation and the revenue you are making.

Some drivers are taking healthy eating into their own hands by cooking and preparing their own meals. This is potential money that parking sites could be missing out on. By offering a varied menu that includes nourishing options AND your current best-selling dishes, you can appeal to a wider demographic of drivers and increase the money your site is generating.

It is hard to cater for everybody with your menu and not all drivers are going to fancy a salad after their hard day on the road, but parking sites that offer healthier foods are a minority and there is a gap in the market for businesses who offer a variety of choices to their drivers.

Serving nutritious food does not have to break the bank either. Fresh fruit and vegetables can be bought at reasonable prices and can become the base for an array of wholesome meals. You then have the option to add protein-rich meats or fish to ensure your customers are getting a balanced diet.

By cooking and providing nutritious food, not only could you increase profits and grow your reputation, you can invigorate the HGV workforce with energy-fuelling meals for their tiresome days on the road.

We would love to hear what kind of food you serve at your parking site and if you think it is important to include healthier options on the menu. Let us know on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

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Josh Cousens | SNAP.

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