26 July 2019

How Much Could Your Yard be Making from Depot Parking

If you are a fleet operator or logistics manager, you could be maximising business revenue from the empty spaces in your yard. By joining SNAP’s Depot Parking network and making your vacant spaces available to a pool of 90,000 drivers who are looking to park in secure SNAP locations, you can generate extra money for your business. Plus, SNAP will do all the hard work and pay you directly.

SNAP’s Depot Parking solution was introduced to combat the European parking crisis and in 2018 alone, helped to open an additional 222,000 Truck Parking spaces for the haulage industry. 40 Depot Parking locations throughout the UK are already working with SNAP and are reaping the monetary benefits, whilst helping to solve the continental parking problems. SNAP promote the empty spaces, send drivers their way and pay them on time, every time. Fleet operators are also able to reduce their own spend whilst their own vehicles are out on the road.

How does it work?

Joining SNAP’s Depot Parking network is easy and you don’t need to be a Truck Park to qualify. Site owners don’t need to change their O Licence. The Depot Parking scheme only requires planning permission of vehicles, which site owners will already have, and size is not an issue either. One of the venues we are working with provide up to 50 spaces each night, whilst at the other end of the scale, some premises provide five spaces every night. Every parking space counts!

Depot Parking locations are exclusive to SNAP Account drivers, who are able to pre-book a space at Depot Parking sites, guaranteeing their spot for the night. Site owners control access via SNAP’s online portal which shows driver details and vehicle licence plates. The number of spaces you offer is dynamic, so if you wish to increase or reduce the amount of parking available, it can be amended at the click of a button.

Even if you think you only have enough room to accommodate drivers when your own trucks are out on the road, Depot Parking is the ideal solution. Depending where you based, your site has the potential to earn £25 per driver, every night and earn over £100,000 in additional annual revenue. This also means that the more spaces you offer, the more money your business can make.

What can you expect?

SNAP Account drivers will fill your empty spaces and top-up your profits at no additional cost to your business. SNAP will handle all the paperwork, market you to drivers and fleets via intruck, social media, SNAP website and the printed ’Drivers Guide.’ SNAP will also provide first-class customer support. By registering for SNAP’s Depot Parking, you will be accompanying Royal Mail, DSV, Bartrums, RD Williams and others in the network to fill empty parking spaces and earn extra money.

For more information, or to register your site, please visit: https://snapacc.com/en/depotparking/

Josh Cousens | SNAP.

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