12th August 2019

SNAP Mobile Washing is Live

SNAP are happy to announce the launch of an exciting new service which will undoubtedly benefit the lives of fleet managers and drivers throughout the UK. We are partnering with an array of Mobile Washing Operators, who will be able to visit your fleet and expertly wash your vehicles, without you even having to leave the depot.

After the opportunity arose, we knew that this service would be perfect for SNAP customers. We are aware that drivers don’t always have the chance to visit Truck Wash locations and by using Mobile Washing, fleet operators have the convenience to save time, but can still charge the service through their weekly SNAP Account invoice.

SNAP are working with a number of independent companies and a significantly larger Mobile Washing Operator, who are based in 120 locations. This means that SNAP can provide Mobile Washing services to where ever you are in the UK.

All Mobile Washing units are purprose built and equipped with a unique ’waste water containment & disposal system’ which can successfully wash vehicles on sites that do not have interceptor tanks/foul drain connection & consent to discharge. Each operator is also provided with an iPad to accurately record data including scheduling, customer auto alerts, time on/off site, and vehicles washed. An electronic copy of the job card is automatically sent via email to you on completion of the work.

Each of the Mobile Washing Operators that SNAP are working with are professional vehicle cleaners and specialise in HGVs. If you are a fleet manager, looking for a Mobile Washing Operator to wash the vehicles in your fleet, it’s as easy as this:

  • If you haven’t already, activate washing on your SNAP Account. Opt-in via the SNAP customer service team.
  • Visit snapacc.com and select Mobile Washing
  • Find the closest Mobile Washing Operator to your depot
  • Ring the contact details provided
  • The Mobile Washing facility will visit you and wash your fleet
  • The charge will be added to your weekly SNAP Account invoice

The SNAP Mobile Washing Operators are now live, so find your closest Operator here and start washing today.

Josh Cousens | SNAP. 

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