27th September 2019

The Best Truck Parks in The World

Every HGV driver is likely to have their favourite place to park. The UK and Europe offer an array of options, but we wanted to look a bit further afield at some of the Truck Parking facilities on offer in the United States. As we all know, Americans don’t do things by half measures and we’ve listed a selection of parking locations from across the pond. Which do you think are the best Truck Parks in the world?

Iowa 80

Self-billed as the ’world’s largest truck stop,’ the Iowa 80 has enough parking for over 900 HGVs and is reported to receieve in excess of 5,000 daily visitors. The location is set on a 220-acre site and has 450 members of staff, resembling a UK shopping mall.

Based on the I-80, one of the nation’s most commonly driven highways, the Truck Park includes a cinema, dentist, chiropractor, barbers, museum, gym and laundrette, in addition to well-recognised restaurants. This location is a sight to behold and is definitely a contender for the best Truck Park in the world.

Tiger Truck Stop

Another unique parking location, is the Tiger Truck Stop in Louisiana. The site is famed for its tasty southern food and visitors can even enjoy playing 24/7 video poker. Elsewhere, the Tiger Truck Stop has its very own resident tiger, accompanied by an array of other exotic animals in its petting zoo.

Not sure how many parking locations in the UK have their own king of the jungle? The sheer craziness of this stop gets it onto the list as one of the best Truck Parks in the world.

South of the Border

South of the Border is another incomparable parking location in the states. Sitting on a massive 350 acres of land, it includes a small amusement park, mini-golf, an indoor reptile exhibit, a motel and a number of restaurants.

Characterised by the site’s mascot, Pedro the Bandido, South of the Border plays on the Mexican theme and has an array of attractions for drivers in the South Carolina area. The size of this stop gives it status as one of the best Truck Parks in the world.

Best of Europe

SNAP have the pleasure of working with a number of popular locations throughout the UK and Europe and we would love to hear which Truck Parks you think are the best on the continent. Do any of Europe’s best rival these three from America?

Josh Cousens | SNAP. 

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