15 October 2019

SNAP Ambassadors

SNAP are proud to launch their first Ambassador campaign. The programme has been introduced to increase awareness of the HGV industry and to give drivers a voice that is heard. Eight drivers have been chosen as the initial representatives of SNAP and were singled out for their presence on social media. If you would like to get involved in the next SNAP Ambassador programme, the door is open and we will be looking for suitable candidates in the near future.

But without further ado, here are SNAP’s Brand Ambassadors:

Sean ’Goose’ Swan

“I have been a professional driver since I was 18 years old. I sat my first HGV test 14 years ago, so you can guess my age from that!

I am currently a car transporter driver with A1 Automotive. I drive the class 1 drawbar style transporters known as 11+’s because they are designed to carry 11 cars, however can carry 12 small cars. Inventive name I know.

Strangest thing I’ve seen whilst driving an HGV? Probably when I was a tour truck driver, I was reversing into position backstage at a Britney Spears concert in Germany. The international recording artist Pitbull walked past my lorry and stopped to ask how my day had been, in the background Britney had come off stage and was getting into her S Class to be taken off to her hotel when one of her staff handed her what appeared to be a McDonalds Big Mac which she eat in 3 massive bites! I remember thinking that it was quite a surreal moment!”

Bryan Greig

"I come from a family of truck drivers, but I’ve been driving myself for around 5 years. I am currently working for Alan Davie Transport of Forfar.

The strangest thing I’ve seen in a truck was a huge flash of light, that was seen for miles and lit up the sky like it was daytime, it was quite the event and nobody knows what caused it."

Matty Fitch

“I have been involved in the industry since I was able to walk really. My father is a driver and so many school holidays were spent travelling the UK with him. My Grandfather and both my uncles are drivers too. Since leaving school my career started in a Transport Office and when I turned 21, I gained my HGV. I’ve now been on the road 15 years as a driver.

I am currently working for Maze Logistics delivering containers from UK ports across the UK.

I have had many strange moments in an HGV, some which probably shouldn’t be discussed in fairness but one that sticks out would be receiving a parking ticket in the City of London whilst backed on to a Goods In loading bay.”

Dave Cheetham

“I have worked driving HGV’s for 30 years.

Someone in Germany blessed my Scania once, he did a little ceremony in front of it.”

Liam Wood

“I have been in the industry for nearly 19 years! Wow! That makes me feel old! Lol.

I’m currently working for Explore Transport.

I’ve witnessed many things doing this job. Naked Grannies driving down the motorway. I needed counselling after that. Lol. But the strangest thing I’ve witnessed was 2 men racing along the A13 in Basildon. On horse and carts. They were side by side. It was early hours of the morning. Once they passed. Another 2 came past! My first thought at that time was. The Fast and Furious franchise has let itself go!”

Ryan Redfern

“I’ve been in the HGV industry all my life really, 27 years all in all because my dad and family ran their own lorry. I left school at 16 and became an HGV mechanic then at 18 I became an HGV driver and have been driving them for 9 years in August.

I’m currently working for ABH of Mansfield in the Pirates of Caribbean, DAF.

The strangest thing I’ve seen whilst driving … I can’t possibly comment lol.”

Chris Emmett

“I passed my HGV with Emms Transport Ltd in Edlington, near Doncaster on October 10th 1994.

I currently work for Port Express and have done so since 6th of April 2016.

I cannot think of anything strange that I have encountered as an HGV driver except once I had to deliver a 40foot container to Park Royal in London. When the container was opened up it had television recording equipment inside that had been used to record a golf tournament in Dubai, on the floor of the container was about 6inches of sand that had obviously blown in from the golf course and travelled half way across the world”

Chris Cheetham

“I’ve worked in the HGV industry for 4.5 years, although I travelled with my father from the age of 8, totalling 22 years in the HGV industry. I currently work for a company called Mars-Jones Ltd, running out of Denbigh in North Wales.

The strangest thing I’ve witnessed in an HGV was seeing a dinosaur being trailed down the M4.”


Josh Cousens | SNAP.

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