10th January 2020

The Danish Parking Crisis

During 2019, a report was published that highlighted the issues that truck drivers are facing when parking in highway, state rest areas in Denmark. In 2018, the Danish Government introduced a 25-hour restriction for HGVs parking for free in the highway rails, with heavy fines issued to any drivers failing to abide by these laws.

These rules have meant that drivers have to decide between parking illegally, or exceeding their legal driving time. The fine for parking illegally costs up to 2,040 Danish Krone, which converts to £231.82.

1,009 fines were issued over the period of Jan-Feb 2019, for truck drivers parking in state rest areas on highways in Denmark. A major factor is the lack of Danish HGV parking options, and according to transporttidende.com, there have only been two new Truck Stops built in Denmark in the past five years.

The Danish Transport Minister, Ole Birk Olesen expressed that it is not the responsibility of the government to provide rest areas for truck drivers who are parking for several days. He believes that the transport industry should provide for itself.

The Solution

There is the option of building new purpose-built Truck Parks in Denmark, but this would be a lengthy and expensive process.

The answer is SNAP’s Depot Parking solution. Current locations on the Depot Parking network are fleet operators’ yards or logistics centres and not necessarily, recognised Truck Parking facilities. These locations already exist and if you are a fleet manager and your vehicles often spend time away from the yard, you could be generating extra cash for your business by opening your facility to 100,000 SNAP drivers.

You could help Denmark’s parking crisis and give the haulage industry a boost. SNAP are already working with over 40 locations throughout the UK and Germany, who are reaping the financial benefits. SNAP will promote the empty parking spaces, send drivers your way and pay you on time, every time.

Even if you only have room to accommodate drivers when your own trucks are out on the road, Depot Parking is the ideal solution. Depending where you are based, your site has the potential to earn 220.21 Danish Krone (£25) per driver and up to 880,825 Krone (£100,000) in additional annual revenue. This also means that the more spaces you offer, the more money your business can make.

More Information

If you would like to find out more about SNAP and Depot Parking, head to snapacc.com/en/depotparking.

Josh Cousens | SNAP. 

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