30th January 2020

SNAP Helped To Open 300,000 Parking Spaces in 2019

SNAP introduced their Depot Parking scheme in 2012 to combat the European Parking shortage. Since the inception, the popularity of Depot Parking has grown substantially and in 2019, SNAP helped to open an additional 300,000 parking spaces for the haulage industry throughout the UK and Europe.

The 300,000 parking spaces is a large increase from the 220,000 spaces that were created by SNAP and Depot Parking in 2018. This is great news for the HGV drivers that are forced to park in laybys because of the lack of parking options.

Depot Parking locations are predominantly exclusive to the 100,000 SNAP Account drivers who are looking for new places to park. SNAP drivers’ pre-book in advance, guaranteeing themselves a space for when they arrive. Locations on the Depot Parking network also have higher levels of security, giving drivers assurance that their cargo will be safer.

Who Is Depot Parking Helping?

Depot Parking doesn’t only help drivers. The 40 locations on the Depot Parking network are generating significant amounts of additional revenue for their business. One location is successfully making an extra £30,000 on a monthly basis, by opening their facility to SNAP Account drivers.

You do not have to be a recognised Truck Park to join SNAP’s Depot Parking network. One of the key features of the scheme is that SNAP is providing extra HGV parking without going through the arduous and expensive task of building new purpose-built Truck Parking locations. Logistics centres and fleet depots have the necessary infrastructure to accommodate HGVs and can make extra cash in the process.

Site owners control access via SNAP’s secure online portal which shows driver details and vehicle licence plate numbers. The amount of spaces you offer is dynamic, so if you wish to increase or reduce the amount of parking spots available, it can be amended at the click of a button. This feature is particularly useful if your own vehicles are likely to be working away, more or less frequently.

Even if you only have room to accomodate drivers when your own trucks are out on the road, Depot Parking is the ideal solution. For example, if your site has an average 20 spaces available each night and you charge £25 per space, you could be making an extra £182,000 a year. This also means that the more spaces you offer, the more money your business can make.

To find out more information or to register for SNAP’s Depot Parking solution, head to snapacc.com/en/depotparking.

Josh Cousens | SNAP.  

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