30th April 2020

The Best Free Apps for Truck Drivers During COVID-19

Are you a key worker who is driving an HGV on the front line? Long days behind the wheel can be stressful, so we wanted to highlight a selection of mobile apps which are currently offering their premium content for free, during the pandemic. This article will help you to find the best app to help you unwind.


Headspace is advertised as an effective way of reducing stress - ideal for a busy truck driver. The meditation app was launched by a former Buddhist monk and his partner, and they have released a series of meditations for free during the Coronavirus outbreak. Headspace includes meditations, sleep and movement exercises to help you relax.

Available on iOS and Android


Audible have made a large part of their library available for free, meaning you can listen to hundreds of audiobooks without a subscription. Listen to audiobooks, original series and more, whilst on the road or parked up. To unlock the full Audible catalogue, SNAP are currently running ’Trucking Legends’, where drivers can get their hands on Audible credits, plus much more.

Available on iOS and Android


You may not have heard of Zoom before COVID-19, but is has rapidly become a leader for video conferencing and chatting. Stay connected with your loved ones and friends through Zoom’s group meetings. Seeing and speaking to the people closest to you will help you to break from work and refresh your mind.

Available on iOS and Android


The popular online, activewear supplier, Gymshark has their own workout app and all of their home-workouts are currently free to download, without a subscription. The app contains an array of exercises which can be done, before or after your days work, helping you to release endorphins and feed you positivity. For more ideas on how to be a healthy truck driver, check out our recent blog.

Available on ios and Android


Learn over 30 languages with Duolingo’s fun language lessons - perfect for taking your mind off the job and learning a new skill. If you are an international driver and you would like to pick up a few extra phrases for when you’re back on the continent, this is the app for you. Duolingo is free to use and a great addition.

Available on iOS and Android


intruck has become the go-to app for HGV drivers and is free all-year round. Find thousands of Truck Parking options throughout the UK and Europe and establish opening times, contact information, address details, site facilities and the number of available spaces. Drivers can pre-book themselves a space at SNAP’s Depot Parking Sites directly through the app.

Available on iOS and Android

We hope that these apps can help to ease the stresses of key working during this difficult time. We would love to hear your thoughts and find out which apps you are using to unwind. Let us know on our Facebook page.

Josh Cousens | SNAP.

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