17th August 2020

HGV news: The most shocking news stories concerning truck drivers

You have probably heard your share of trucker horror stories in your time. We may not read them every day, but when HGV news stories hit the headlines, they don't always paint truck drivers in the best light. We have outlined some of the most shocking news stories concerning truck drivers; from cereal eating drivers to 89mph speeding bans and a £350k lottery win.

Truck driver's £350k lottery win

One of the latest HGV news stories is a positive one. A truck driver from Rugby has been delivering essential supplies throughout lockdown and says he will continue to do so, despite winning £350k on the National Lottery. The Polish driver popped open a bottle of Champagne to celebrate and plans to throw himself a belated 40th birthday party with his winnings. He also hopes to buy his first property, but won't be relocating or giving up his truck driving day job.

Image credit: Richard T Harris Photography

In this truck story, the driver initially thought his win was a joke after checking his numbers during a break on a busy weekend shift. He had to drive 1,522 km delivering food and drinks across the UK before he found the time to call the National Lottery and claim his prize.

Read the full story from the Coventry Telegraph.

Cereal offender

All truck drivers get hungry behind the wheel, but have you ever tucked into a bowl of Frosties on the job? A crazy HGV news story from February 2020 explained how one trucker was photographed tucking into a bowl of cereal on the M40 doing 60mph during rush hour.

After the truck driving story was reported, the driver was subsequently fired from his company and his actions were deemed "inexcusable".

Read the full news story from The Sun.


Most of us have made a wrong turn or two in our time. This trucking news headline involved an HGV driver performing a U-turn on a slip road of the M6, before re-joining the motorway into oncoming traffic. Somehow, the driver managed to avoid the other vehicles on the road and nobody was injured.

Although he saved himself an extended journey to get back on the M6, this truck news story resulted in the driver being sentenced to six months imprisonment for dangerous driving.

Watch the video from Guardian News:

Face the truth

A shocking piece of trucking industry news was The Sun's article that highlighted the 28 years of sun damage that a 69-year-old truck driver had sustained to his face. The left side of the driver's face had been exposed to UV rays for almost three decades through his truck window. The contrast to the right side of his face is easily visible.

Image credit: New England Journal of Medicine

The story was initially published by the New England Journal of Medicine in the United States and serves as an important reminder for using sun protection, particularly during the increasingly warmer summers.

Check out the full article from The Sun.

89mph ban

There are a lot of crazy things truckers see on the road and another HGV overtaking you at 89mph is something you don't see every day. But one particular truck story involved exactly that. A lorry driver was caught travelling at 89mph by a police speed detection van, on the A66 in Cumbria. He even managed to overtake a car on the downhill stretch of road.

After his moment of madness, the driver was banned from driving for a year and given a suspended prison sentence.

Watch the police footage via the BBC article.

Driver's homemade meals

During May 2020, a haulage industry news article highlighted a lorry driver who had been giving out free food to fellow transport professionals at motorway services, after finding he "couldn't get a coffee for 100 miles". The driver had been struggling with the lack of culinary options for drivers at petrol stations and motorway services during the lockdown. He took it upon himself to feed the drivers at Warwick Services for free, with his wife cooking around 40 meals.

He said drivers were key workers but felt like they were being treated like second-class citizens. Safe to say, the food went down a treat for the lucky drivers parked up at Warwick Services.

The full story can be found via the BBC.

Two phones behind the wheel

One of the most astonishing truck stories we found, was reported by the Leicester Mercury in 2020. The article told of how the police caught and photographed a truck driver, who was actively using two mobile phones behind the wheel on a Leicestershire road. The European driver was holding one phone to his ear and had the second phone in his other hand, which was also on the steering wheel.

The police pulled the driver over and fined him at the roadside.

To read the full HGV driver news story from the Leicester Mercury.

Driver survives fireball

When you think of scary truck driver stories, this is one of the most shocking. A BBC News video from May 2018, shows a Texas truck driver who skidded on the highway to avoid another car and ploughed straight into the central reservation, his vehicle bursting into flames. The dramatic footage shows a spectacular fireball but states that only one person was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Watch the video from the BBC here.

Trucker fights off deadly snake at 70mph

A shocking truck story from Australia explained how one driver managed to fight off a highly venomous snake while driving at 70mph along a busy stretch of road. In this unbelievable HGV news story, the police pulled the 27-year-old driver over because they thought he was speeding. But the driver claimed that he had been desperately trying to defend himself against an eastern brown snake – one of the deadliest in the world, which had got into his cab.

Image credit: Queensland Police Service

Luckily for the driver, he managed to avoid a snake bite and after explaining his situation to the police, they decided not to fine him for speeding.

Read the full Sky News story here.

Cheeky trucker

One of the more amusing trucker stories from 2020 involves a driver that strapped a single pack of toilet roll to his trailer during the panic-buying stage of the pandemic. A fellow road user recorded the scene and uploaded it to Facebook, with the caption: "I have seen it all now. Keep your load safe!!!" The video has been viewed over one million times.

Watch the funny trucker's video via The Sun.

We hope you enjoyed reading our collection of HGV news stories. Truckers get to see things differently from everyone else, so if you have any other funny or shocking news stories concerning truck drivers, we would love to hear them. Send your stories to SNAP via Facebook.

Josh Cousens | SNAP. 

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