20th November 2020

25 essential apps for truck drivers

Smartphones and universal internet connectivity have brought a range of solutions and comforts to the logistics industry – from parking apps (like ours) to free, effortless, hands-free communication.

This article represents our recommended apps for truck drivers, but we want to know what you think. What’s your most-used mobile app? Have we missed any of your favourites? Let us know on Facebook and we’ll add them in.

First, we need to look at the unique needs of truck drivers and discover what sets us apart from office-based workers and those from other industries. 

  • What are the truck drivers’ needs?
  • We need to know where to park
  • We need to find cheap hotels
  • We need to know where we’re going
  • We need to be able to stay in touch
  • We need help when we breakdown
  • We need to be entertained
  • We need to manage money - pay for goods and services
  • We need to manage our health and well-being.
These needs have informed our list of the best apps for truckers.

Best parking apps for truckers

1. intruck - Truck stop app

Finding truck stops is a unique challenge for HGV drivers, but this app has revolutionised finding and paying for truck stops. This free app uses your position (or destination) to find truck stops – and even book spaces. The app features thousands of truck parking options throughout the UK and Europe and includes opening times, contact information, address details, site facilities and the number of available spaces in real-time. SNAP Account users can also make cashless payments through the app. 

Android. iPhone.

essential apps for truck drivers

Best navigation apps for truckers

2. Google Maps

While the basics aren’t much different from other satnav solutions, Google’s wider business feeds into Google Maps to give it a competitive edge. For example, using users’ device data to deliver up-to-the-minute information on traffic and real-time ETAs. You can also download detailed maps using wi-fi before your trip to reduce mobile data usage. Google Maps can also provide automatic rerouting based on live traffic, incidents and road closures.

Android. iPhone. 

truck driver apps

3. CoPilot

Unlike satnav and Google Maps, CoPilot knows that you’re driving an HGV and plans your route based on truck-restricted or prohibited roads, automatically calculating the routes using your vehicle’s size, weight and width and load type. With more than 16 million users, the app also boasts clear voice directions, live traffic updates and speed trap alerts. Maps can be used offline. *Some features involve in-app purchase.*

Android. iPhone. 

4. Waze Navigation & Traffic

Waze is a great all-round navigation app. As well as its core use, it allows truck drivers to communicate with the local driving community where millions of drivers can report hazards and incidents and receive alerts to avoid traffic congestion.

Android. iPhone.

apps for truck drivers

5. Bans For Trucks

Every day, we have to plan our route in such a way as to avoid any temporary or permanent bans and traffic restrictions for our class. Bans For Trucks has made that easier by including all of the bans and restrictions as well as clear routes and details of tonnage admissibility, admissibility of ADR and vehicles with trailers. It features truck traffic bans in 40 European and Asian countries with an automatic indication of bans for the next seven, 14 or 30 days. You can also see bans in any given timeframe.

Android. Not available for iPhone. 

Best communication apps for truck drivers

We’re going to tackle this one slightly differently as there are many similar free messaging apps, and many of you will already be using some or more of these. But, for the uninitiated, you can replace cumbersome email and/or expensive text messages with simple, free messaging apps, for example: 

6. WhatsApp - also includes free calls over the internet 

Android. iPhone.

7. Messenger - Facebook

Android. iPhone. 

8. Telegram Messenger

Android. iPhone.

9. Doc Scanner

While much is done digitally these days, many things are still on paper from receipts to bills and contracts. This app allows you to take a photo of paper documents, amend and send them immediately as PDFs. It’s particularly handy for drivers when submitting receipts from the road (though, of course, if you use SNAP Account, you’ll have far fewer receipts already.) 

Android. Not available for iPhone (alternative: Doc Scan). 

Best entertainment for truck drivers

10. Spotify

Spotify is a streaming app with music and podcasts. While it is free, many features only come with a subscription. For many, Spotify IS their music collection, with access to almost every piece of recorded music ever. It also allows playlist creation and sharing, as well as algorithmic playlists tailored for you. A paid subscription unlocks features and removes ads.

Android. iPhone. 

11. BBC Sounds

The UK’s British Broadcasting Corporation have made all of their stations and shows available for various periods, giving listeners access to live shows and archive broadcasts alike. Whether you want the latest pop or niche sounds from metal to jazz, classical to drum and bass, it’s all here.

Android. iPhone. 

12. Audible

Books on tape have been around for decades, but audiobooks have enjoyed a revival in the mobile-connected world as people want something meaty to listen to while doing other things. So, whether you’re in the gym or in the cab, Audible allows you to choose and listen to a wide range of books – fiction and non-fiction. While the app is free, there is a monthly subscription and/or books can be purchased on-demand.  

Android. iPhone.

For those of us with long periods to fill, podcasts make for cost-effective entertainment. You will find podcasts Spotify and Audible but for the best choice, we recommend a dedicated podcast app. Head to one of the links below and search for things you’re interested in: sport, comedy, music, cars…

13. Castbox

Android. iPhone.

14. RadioPublic

Android. iPhone. 

15. Stitcher

Android. iPhone. 

There are many video and streaming apps, but most cost money – either on-demand or through subscriptions, but there are ‘free’ alternatives that deliver high-quality programming, from movies to TV shows. The apps below are for UK channels and regional restrictions may apply. 

16. BBC iPlayer - must be a licence player

Android. iPhone. 

17. ITV

Android. iPhone. 

18. All 4

Android. iPhone. 


19. The Red Panic Button

This app was primarily for children and the vulnerable but has been more widely adopted by anyone who wants to quickly notify the police of an incident with their location attached. If you are ever in danger or have had an accident or other incident, just hit the red button and the app contacts the police by text/email with a message and your location.

Android. iPhone.

Money management apps for truckers

20. Quickbooks

This app is aimed at owner-operators, designed to help sole traders and SMBs manage invoicing and expenses. It’s all done via the app and promises ease of use for the non-financial expert.

Android. iPhone. 

Health and well-being apps for truck drivers

21. Run with Map My Run

Running is a great exercise for HGV drivers and every day brings a different ‘track’. And with long hours in the saddle it’s important to get some physical activity in. Get customizable Training Plans, personalized coaching tips to make running feel easier, and an inspiring community of over 60 million athletes.

Android. iPhone. 

22. Walk with Map My Walk

Walking can be a great form of exercise and this app helps you record and build your health. 

Android. iPhone. 

23. Calorie Counter

This app is a fantastic way of monitoring your dietary intake to manage weight. Input your meals, snacks and drinks from a range of options to ensure you take in the calories you need – and no more. As well as adding in your exercise, the app can help you choose foods to manage your calorie intake.

Android. iPhone. 

24. HIIT

High-Intensity Interval Training has caused quite a stir. The principles are that very short (30 seconds to 1 minute) bursts of intense physical activity can burn as many calories and help your physical fitness as long workouts in the gym. This app helps people without access to gyms and other equipment build and guide HIIT workouts so you can stay healthy on the road without having to spend money on gyms.

Android. Not available for iPhone (alternative: Down Dog).

Apps just for truckers

25. Lifesaver

Lifesaver is a useful app to prevent distraction by incoming messages or alerts such as emails and voice calls (unless you have hands-free). The app knows when you’re driving and turns off notifications until you’ve stopped. Once your vehicle has stopped moving your call and message functionality is restored.

Android. iPhone. 

Please remember: it is against the law to drive while using a mobile phone.

Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to let us know your favourite apps and we’ll add the best ones to the list. 

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