24th November 2020

Hailey Road Truck Stop - Depot Parking case study

APP Wholesale explains how they joined SNAP’s Depot Parking scheme and created Hailey Road Truckstop to generate a new monthly revenue stream. 

We have been able to utilise redundant space to make a reliable source of extra income,” says APP Wholesale.

Dagenham-based APP Wholesale are a plumbing and heating supplier. The business started in 2008 and has continued to grow - but, in 2019, the owners were looking for additional ways to increase their revenue. 

By partnering with SNAP Depot Parking, APP Wholesale opened Hailey Road Truck Stop and created a new revenue stream which has generated extra monthly cash from unused parking spaces. 

APP Wholesale

Since opening, APP Wholesale has swiftly become a leading plumbing and heating supplier, but despite their ongoing success, they were keen to explore new opportunities to increase revenue. Having heard about SNAP’s Depot Parking scheme, they decided to add the service to the business.

What is Depot Parking?

Depot Parking is an initiative that allows site owners to rent out the empty spaces in their yard to SNAP drivers, to increase their revenue. SNAP introduced the scheme in 2012 to help the European parking shortage and provide extra HGV parking without having to develop new purpose-built truck parking locations. 

Business yards already have the necessary space to accommodate HGVs and site owners can make extra cash from turning this space into temporary truck parking. 

“We had a large area that was being underused. We invested in infrastructure, and it has given us another source of revenue,” says APP Wholesale. 

In 2019, SNAP helped to open an additional 300,000 Truck Parking spaces for the haulage industry.

As Depot Parking Sites are recognised for having higher levels of security, the initiative is helping to reduce the number of drivers using vulnerable layby locations. Depot Parking is predominantly exclusive to SNAP drivers, meaning that only recognised drivers will be entering Depot Parking Sites. 

“Security is always an issue, but we have invested in extra security measures to offer a better service to the customers,” says APP Wholesale. 

APP Wholesale demonstrates that businesses don’t need to be recognised Truck Parks to generate parking revenue from SNAP.

How does it work?

SNAP drivers pre-book a space at Depot Parking Sites. By using SNAP’s online portal, site managers know who to expect - viewing driver details and vehicle licence plate numbers to identify the customer. The amount of available parking spaces is up to the site owner and can be adjusted instantly. Operators can reduce or increase the figure at the click of a button – which updates the SNAP system immediately. 

It is free to accept SNAP Account customers for overnight parking and SNAP will pay the money directly into your account every month. SNAP also completes the paperwork and markets the site free of charge.

Enter SNAP

APP Wholesale started using SNAP’s Depot Parking scheme in 2019, deciding to make the most of their vacant yard space in London. “It took a few months to build regular business, but now the site is clean, tidy and well run, we have seen the benefit of the initial investment,” says APP Wholesale 

“The turning point was attracting good fleet operators and earning the trust of their drivers, for them to return frequently and pass good review of the site.” 

Hailey Road has already completed over 9,000 Depot Parking transactions, since their first in July 2019, and hosts between 25 and 30 trucks every night. “Fleet operators and high-value goods transporters all benefit from our secure, clean and safe parking facility,” says APP Wholesale. 

Eight Months On

Things began to gain momentum during March 2020, when the business turned over an impressive Depot Parking revenue – adding to APP Wholesale’s business. Post-lockdown figures show encouraging growth, and October 2020 was a record revenue month for their Depot Parking Site. 


“Depot Parking hasn’t affected our day-to-day business operations, and we have been able to utilise redundant space in our yard,” says APP Wholesale. 

To make their premises suitable for Depot Parking, APP Wholesale says, “We invested in groundworks, facilities and infrastructure to provide services and amenities to our customers that were not available in that part of the yard.”  

Since joining the Depot Parking network in 2019, the business has had more than 9,000 transactions from over 2,900 unique licence plate numbers – in addition to their day-to-day earnings.  

Start earning extra revenue

Do you want to start earning extra money by renting out the empty spaces in your yard? 

By allowing HGV drivers to park in your facility, SNAP will promote your empty spaces, send drivers your way and pay you directly.

Visit https://snapacc.com/services/depot-parking for more information. 

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