15th February 2021

The Wincanton SNAP Account journey

Wincanton explains how they have used SNAP Account for 10 years to automate their large fleets parking expenditure.

“It’s a great service to offer your drivers. All you need to do is set up the account and keep your vehicle lists up to date. SNAP take care of the rest,” says Adena Romano, Category Buyer at Wincanton. 

Wincanton is a leading supply chain partner for UK business which provides supply chain consultancy and solutions to some of the world’s biggest brands. Their fleet includes over 3,500 vehicles, and in 2011, the Wincanton management team were looking for new ways to update and simplify their truck parking process.

By joining SNAP Account, Wincanton truck drivers can pay for their HGV services via their vehicle licence plate number – removing the need for cash and receipts. 

What is SNAP Account?

SNAP Account was created to streamline and modernise fleet operations. The system allows truck drivers to pay for their fleet services – Parking, Washing, Roadside Assistance and Dartford, via their vehicle licence plate number. 

“The best thing about SNAP Account is the ease of use for our drivers. Wincanton drivers, can either phone SNAP or use the intruck app to book their own parking spaces at SNAP’s Depot Parking Sites. Then they are able to pay ‘paperless-ly’ through our sites SNAP Accounts.” says Adena.  

SNAP Account’s smart-payment system is accepted at over 250 HGV locations across the UK and Europe. The service is used every 20 seconds and is completely digital – meaning drivers won’t ever be left out of pocket and can stay safe in the workplace. 

“We are aware of the shortage of overnight parking for drivers, and we wanted to find a solution for keeping our drivers safe. Partnering with SNAP, who audit sites and ensure a level of security and facilities, gives our drivers visibility and access to secure parking locations with easy paperless transactions,” says Carl Hanson, Group Asset Director at Wincanton. 

SNAP Account also uncomplicates fleet management and helps operators to avoid hidden costs. 

How it works

Over 4,700 fleets are already using SNAP Account. Each time a driver uses a SNAP Account service, their licence plate gets entered onto the SNAP system, and the fee is added to the fleets monthly invoice – allowing operators to manage multiple HGV services on one account.   

“SNAP transaction management allows us one consolidated invoice for parking transactions, saving time on our finance processing,” says Adena. 

SNAP & Wincanton

Wincanton was one of the first fleets to join SNAP Account, during a time when fleet account management was still antiquated. These old-fashioned methods were inefficient and created extra work for logistics businesses. 

“Historically, before SNAP we used a manual expense claims process for driver over-night parking transactions or our fuel cards which made visibility of parking transactions sometimes difficult,” says Adena. 

The benefits of SNAP

Over 110,000 HGV drivers are using SNAP Account to pay for their truck parking, and it is important that the standards of each location are maintained. Although each Truck Park that accepts SNAP Account payments are independent businesses, SNAP review the standards regularly and advise owners if adjustments are necessary.  

“SNAP also audit their sites so we can be reassured SNAP sites are secure and offer a good standard of facilities for our drivers.” says, Adena.  

Throughout the last decade, SNAP has become the leading provider of smart-payments in the haulage industry. Increasing numbers of fleets are registering their vehicles to digitalise their operations.

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