12th February 2021

SNAP truck parking now in Germany

Did you know that you can pay for your HGV parking and washing with SNAP Account at over 78 locations across Germany? These locations include award-winning German Truck Parks, outstanding independent Truck Washes and commercial Autohof sites. If you are working in Germany, or just passing through, and you need to park or wash your truck and pay using the haulage industry’s leading smart-payment system, we have you covered.

Why truck parking in Germany?

SNAP recognised Germany as a key, central hub for haulage activity in Europe. Truck drivers from across the continent regularly find themselves on a German Autobahn on their way to the next job. The country is often a half-way house for European drivers and Truck Parks in Germany are the perfect pitstop – especially when you can pay with your vehicle licence plate number via SNAP Account. 

We are already working with 24 German Truck Parking locations, and these range from large Autohofs to smaller bespoke businesses. Drivers can use these venues to park their vehicles and can pay using their fleet SNAP Account - so you won’t be out of pocket. We understand that Autohof sites are often the destination of choice for truckers in Germany, and we are working hard to enable SNAP Account at more of these locations.
For a list of Truck Parking and Truck Washing locations in Germany that are available on SNAP Account, click here.

Can I pay with SNAP Account at secure parking sites in Germany?

Rastätte parking locations are usually close to a German motorway, and although they offer free truck parking, they are targeted notoriously by cargo criminals. SNAP Depot Parking Sites provide higher security levels and are predominantly exclusive to SNAP Account drivers – meaning the risk of cargo theft reduces. 

If you are driving in Germany and you would like to protect your cargo, we have eight Depot Parking Sites that are all available through SNAP. 

Where can I find a truck wash in Germany?

Truck drivers on the German motorway have often been travelling for hundreds of miles, and finding a reliable Truck Wash can be a welcome relief. From our UK experience, we knew that drivers and fleets like to pay for their washing with SNAP Account, and it made perfect sense to roll out the offering to Germany. 

If you find yourself in Germany and you need to freshen up your truck, you can pay with SNAP Account at 22 Truck Wash locations – ranging from North to South, and East to West.  

What are we doing to grow the SNAP network in Germany?

To help grow the SNAP network in Germany, we have two German Regional Sales Managers, who specialise in finding new parking and washing locations – one focusing on the North and one in the South of the country. We also have a German-speaking European Sales Executive who helps to identify new opportunities for the business. 

Meet the SNAP Germany team

Dennis Triscari - Dennis is responsible for finding Truck Parking and Washing locations in the North of Germany who can benefit from SNAP Account. He talks with businesses in cities, such as Berlin, Hanover, Munster and Dortmund. 

When he’s not at work, Dennis likes to work out – keeping himself fit with weight training and daily exercises. He has even started leading a SNAP Zoom stretching session. 

Gökhan Bayram – Gökhan joined the team in October 2019, and he manages the SNAP network in the South of Germany. Gökhan meets with Truck Parks and Truck Washes in large cities like Munich, Stuttgart, Nuremberg and Frankfurt. 

Outside of work, Gökhan likes to jump in the car and explore new European cities with his girlfriend and new-born baby. He is also a keen swimmer and inline skater. 

Intruck has become the go-to app for truck drivers. The app is helping large numbers of trucks in Germany find parking and washing locations in seconds. We introduced a German Data Administrator to populate the app with accurate information for intruck users driving in Germany. The HGV parking app updated in 2020 to include 265 German Truck Parking sites. Find out more today

Josh Cousens | SNAP. 

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