25th May 2022

Haulage News 25/05/2022

As we approach June, 2022 has already been another busy year for haulage. If you are wondering what has been going on in the industry this week, you have come to the right place. Here are the biggest sector stories.

Hauliers should pay more under road pricing scheme, new report recommends

There is a “compelling case” for commercial vehicles to pay more under a national road pricing regime, according to a report published today (16 May) by the Social Market Foundation. The report comes as ministers prepare to respond to the House of Commons Transport Select Committee, which earlier this year said that the government should start work on a road-pricing system “without delay”.

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£200 million boost to rollout of hundreds more zero-emission HGVs

Transition to zero-emission trucks will help improve air quality, create greener jobs and reduce reliance on imports of foreign oil.

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UK fuel crisis: the worst is yet to come

UK drivers, fleet managers, and retailers will struggle to forget the fuel crisis of 2021, when the triple threat of Brexit, COVID-19 and the ensuing HGV driver shortage led the British public to panic buy until the pumps ran dry, writes Descartes’ Head of Marketing, Andrew Tavener.

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Smart motorways are the safest roads, according to new National Highways data

Smart motorways are the safest roads on the strategic road network, in terms of serious or fatal casualties, according to new analysis from National Highways (NH). The new data was published this week in NH’s Smart Motorway Stocktake – the Second Year Progress Report, along with information on the progress of the installation of additional safety features on the routes.

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Government moves to address HGV driver shortage welcome but long overdue

Renewed efforts seen by the government this week to address the worsening HGV driver shortage are indeed commendable. The road haulage sector, already plagued by issues before the pandemic, now has to contend with a fuel crisis that has no end in sight plus a growing ‘silver exodus’ of retirees. According to Statista, this exodus is set to accelerate, with 45% of the UK’s HGV drivers expected to reach retirement age in the next five to 10 years. 

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