10th June 2022

The weirdest road spillages in history

Every now and then, truck drivers will spend their days pulling irregular loads and transporting them from A to B. Unfortunately, accidents happen, and there have been stories of unusual goods spilling onto our roads. This article looks into some of the strangest cargos - from tomato puree and lager to bees and lingerie. This is the weirdest road spillages in history.

Oh, beery me

Hundreds of cans of lager were scattered over the M6 in Warwickshire in 2011 after a van overturned. The crash caused the alcoholic contents to pour onto the tarmac, and the link road between the M69 southbound and the M6 northbound was temporarily closed. 

Luckily both the driver and passenger walked away from the incident and only suffered minor injuries. 

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Squashed tomato

In 2021, two lorries jackknifed between Cambridge and Brampton, causing one to spill thousands of tomatoes onto the A14 - leaving the road looking like a bloodstained 'horror film'. A 23-mile section of the westbound carriageway had to be closed to clean up the tomatoey debris. 

Fortunately, both drivers escaped serious injury. Tweet of the day went to this humorous comment - "I went pasta that. Took a while for the traffic to ketchup". 

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Holy macaroni 

Imagine driving along the motorway and stumbling across 40,000 pounds of spilt macaroni and cheese pouring out of an overturned lorry. This cheesy mess occurred in Nashville, over the pond in the United States, after a truck had crashed, fallen onto its side and ripped its curtain, with its contents left scattered across the interstate. 

The road had to be closed for over six hours while the clean-up team did their thing. The driver was again unscathed, with nothing hurt but his pride. Twitter comments saw the brighter side of the incident:

"A semi spilled 40,000lbs of Mac & Cheese in Nashville... who wants to go on a road trip? Bring your own fork."

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In another crazy story from America, rescue workers spent hours dealing with a giant swarm of 14 million bees after escaping their hives following a lorry crash in Idaho. The reports state that everyone encountered multiple stings while dealing with the incident, and the situation became worse when the threat of bears emerged, who had smelt the sweet nectar of spilt honey. 

The bees were valued in the region of £250,000, and it took all day to clean up the buzzy mess. 

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Art attack

A truck driver in Bradford had the unfortunate experience of spilling 12,000 litres of white paint onto the M606 in 2017. He was involved in an accident which caused 12 paint containers to roll out of the back of his lorry and spill onto the motorway, forming a white lake. The road was shut and had to be cleaned to stop people from driving through the paint. 

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Driving home for Christmas

Christmas was almost cancelled when a trailer full of brussels sprouts emptied onto a road in Fife in December 2019. The HGV had overturned and spilt its Christmas cargo, leaving the road covered in veg. Luckily the driver escaped without injuries and probably did the sprout haters a favour.  

One tweet commented: "Please avoid the area if possible. Traffic and Christmas dinners may be affected. Apologies for any delays."

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Here, there and underwear

It's not every day you see the road scattered with lingerie, but this was the scene after a Victoria's Secret truck crashed on a Kentucky highway in America. During the crash, the lorry also spilt hundreds of bottles of flowery shampoo, body wash and hairspray, and a local reporter referenced the perfumey smell in the air. 

Of course, the road had to be closed, while the bras and pants were retrieved, but thankfully the driver managed to avoid any serious injuries from the accident. 

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Oh delays are coming

Although it wasn't the fairy-lighted red truck we all know and love from our televisions at Christmas, one Coca-Cola truck shed its 40-tonne load across a dual carriageway in Essex. After the lorry collided with the central reservation, hundreds of fizzy cans escaped onto the road. The carriageway was closed for 13 hours after the crash.

One tweet read: "@CocaCola smashed on the #A13 in barking, it's like a Christmas advert gone wrong. Cans everywhere!" 

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Smells fishy

Last but not least, we have one of the strangest truck spillages ever. The aftermath of the crash left the road looking like an alien invasion. A truck overturned in Oregon and spilled three tonnes of slime eels over a stretch of cars and the rest of the highway. The thick, sticky goo was the result of 7,500 pounds of spilt hagfish, who produce the slime to ward off predators. The Sun described the scene as a horror film. 

Oregon State Police also tweeted a photo of an officer standing among the gooey slime eels and joked: "What to tell the #drycleaner?"

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