29th June 2022

Haulage News 29/06/2022

Here are the biggest news stories in haulage this week. 

Why your fleet should have the smartest digital strategy in place

In recent years we have seen the demand for transportation services rise at an incredible rate. Whether this relates to the movement of goods, shipping packages to customers, or even simply passenger transport, the demand for getting vehicles on the road is absolutely enormous. Far from any signs of a slow down, this demand is only set to increase; with some figures estimating that demand for transportations services will triple by 2050.

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Call for operator views on trial of longer heavier vehicles

The government is looking at trialling longer heavier vehicles (LHVs) of up to 25.25m in length and 60 tonnes gross vehicle weight and is on the hunt for operators interested in taking part in the trial.

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Despite the challenges, road freight transport keeps on delivering the goods

The road haulage sector has seen many ups and downs in recent months as the driver shortages, pandemic and Brexit each had a negative impact on the availability of and demand for road freight solutions. Each of these situations would have posed a challenge in isolation but, cumulatively, they began a period of unprecedented change and opportunities to introduce new operational practices. For some, these changes are welcome but, for others, they indicate further pain points imposed on the industry as a result of Brexit.

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Electric trucks: in it for the longer haul

In recent years, manufacturers have provided a growing number of smaller and lighter battery-electric trucks for transport firms to use on their urban delivery operations. But this ongoing innovation is now resulting in electric trucks for middle distance and even long-haul uses arriving on the market, able to meet the various needs of operators across the logistics sector looking to further reduce their carbon emissions.

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Tailgating highlighted as biggest distraction

Being followed too closely by other drivers is the behaviour that distracts motorists most on Britain’s roads, latest research reveals. A survey commissioned by the UK’s leading independent road safety charity, IAM RoadSmart, asked 1,000 motorists to rank a series of occurrences on how distracting they are, with one in three (30 per cent) of the drivers surveyed deeming tailgating to be the most distracting factor.

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