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Motorway buddy allows fleet operators to monitor your load reporting, daily checks and even crime reporting across the drivers of your entire fleet.

It also allows SNAP customers to locate SNAP sites closest to them. Download Motorway Buddy from the Apple and Android stores today to get started.

Motorway Buddy

Drivers will be able to take photographs of their secured loads using the app, and these will be sent to your account portal for your own use as security. Daily checks will be much the same, with checklists and photographs sent to your central account.

For crime reporting, evidence can be taken by a driver using the app, and then sent to the central account for the fleet, as well as directly to the relevant authorities.

These additional features can be taken advantage of by a fleet operator for only 50p per vehicle per week.

ETP Card Processing Support Package

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Please refer to the manufacturers guide to upload any POI files.

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